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5 techniques to improve work environment


Perhaps the most important goal in any work environment is to maximize “efficiency” and “effectiveness”. There is a difference, of course, between these two words although most people are confused about it. Efficiency means maximum output with minimum input while effectiveness means using all the available resources to get the best output.

And of course it is never easy. One cannot simply act upon this without being highly stressed. And while there may be different ways to counter this, what we are suggesting isn’t something out of a management theory or stuff like that. It is quite simple, easily stated in just one line

You need to change your work environment.

You might either be working at the same place on the same regular timings. Or you might be working remotely, depending on your needs. Be that as it may, if you are able to improve your existing work environment (and let’s face it, everything can be improved, no matter how good it is) then you will definitely find yourself not only more relaxed but also working more proficiently.

These tips will work regardless of the fact that you are feeling low, stressed, or just plainly unhappy. And even if you are not and are actually loving your job, it is an irrefutable fact that an improvement is nevertheless… an improvement.


So how would you bring changes in your work environment that would benefit you? Read on to find out 5 special yet simple techniques that would help you accomplish this.


    What do you prefer? Quiet serenity where you are left alone with your thoughts? Do you enjoy that calm, peaceful silence? Or do you prefer to work with a little background noise? Perhaps the continuous hum of the traffic outside or a busy day in the office? Bear in mind that none of these options are better than the other? They each stand in their own way. It is just a matter of what suits you the most.
    Surely you have seen it. Some people are seen working in libraries where silence is heavy in the air by itself. Any interruption in silence gets angry looks from the people around. And you have also seen people working in cafes where the continuous flurry of activities around them makes them focus more on the work at hand. It all depends on your own personality.
    Perhaps some people feel more at home when they are surrounded by other people. They can get help on their task, a bit of guidance or motivation when they need it. Others feel more comfortable in their own space with no interruptions. It all depends on your own preferences.
  2. Personalizing your work space:
    Do you feel a little…. Disconnected from your work environment? When you think of your workplace, do you get a little depressed perhaps? Have you ever thought that maybe it is all because you have no personal attachment to it? And if that is case, why not do it? Why not add a touch of comfort in your workplace?

    You may put a family portrait on your desk. Your desktop background can have a picture of your pet or a family outing. Bring some miscellaneous items from your home, anything that would make you smile a little. Once you add that personal touch, you would actually start liking your workplace more.

  3. Get rid of clutter:
    Clutter only hinders your progress. There is no benefit of cluttering your workplace with unnecessary files, documents, and stationary or any other stuff which can only make your work more frustrating.

    We suggest you keep a handy bag always available where you have kept in your essentials. Devices, chargers, necessary documents. Not only will this declutter your workplace and sort out your items in one place, you won’t be forgetting anything when you are travelling.

  4. Fresh air:

    Never ever underestimate the importance of fresh air. Many studies have in fact shown that there is a direct relation between scents and memories. Emotional responses to situations can affect our mood and consequently our performance.

    Keeping plants actually refreshes the air. Open windows helps with the ventilation. Air fresheners make your work place smell good. These are extremely simple tricks which are unfortunately not really appreciated much.

  5. Lighting:
    Sometimes artificial light can make you feel closed or trapped. There have been studies done on how natural light actually lightens your mood, improves health,  and increases productivity. Ask yourself this. Do you not feel a sudden rush of inner joy and bliss when you step out of the office and feel the sunlight on your skin?  Why not utilize this natural light in your office?

    Obviously you would ask what if your workplace doesn’t permit any natural lighting. Not to worry. In that case, a simple, warm light such as of a lamp can create a relaxing environment. It will also prevent you from straining you reyes.


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