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How to choose your career? What you want to be?


Choosing your career is perhaps one of the toughest decisions for anyone in this world. With the cut-throat competition out there, you really need to make sure you are good enough to get a decent job. But more importantly perhaps, is the question of what do YOU want to be? What does your heart tell you what you are meant to be? Some (or rather, most) people would only look for the salary when choosing a job. However, it is not always the right answer.

Some people are fortunate enough that they have it figured out. They know right from the beginning what they want to be in the future. And they will plan out their lives in such ways that they attain their goal. But this isn’t the case with everyone. If your only requirement for a career is that it should be well paid, then you might be going the wrong way. Most people tend to end up unhappy in their lives later if their whole focus was on money. Hence, career selection may be a harrowing process to go through but it is worth it if you can go through with it and ultimately make the right choice.


This famous Greek maxim “know thyself” has a variety of meanings. Yet here, it is simply meant in the literal sense. Know yourself. Discover your strengths, your weaknesses and act upon them. Improve your strengths, cover up your flaws. Do a SWOT analysis of yourself to get a better idea of yourself.

  • Strengths: Ask yourself what are your strengths? In what areas do you excel in? Perhaps you have good communication skills and are able to relate to people well? Or maybe you can work well under pressure? All these strengths will not only help you decide which job you would want but will also give you a stronger eligibility for the job.
  • Weaknesses: What are your flaws? In what areas do you lack behind? Are you shy of meeting with new people? Or are you inexperienced as compared to others? Knowing your flaws will help you in understanding yourself and your limits better. Not everyone can be a jack-of-all-trades. You need to understand which job would be the most suitable for you AND which are not.
  • Opportunities: what options do you have on which you can play your strengths on or cover your weaknesses? Is there a workshop or a session on public speaking? Go to it. Do you want to be a teacher? Attend a teacher’s training program. There are so many opportunities around you where you can hone your skills and develop yourself. You just have to look for them.
  • Threats: Who or what can hinder you in the path towards your goal? Are your parents not supportive of your choice? Do you see anyone out there who always tries to pull you down? Threats can come from anywhere, often from places where you least expect them. It is wise to prepare for them and to learn from them. And ideally, you should look for threats and turn them into opportunities.

SWOT analysis is done for organizations, projects and business ventures but you can do it on yourself too. Because it will definitely help you in getting a clearer perspective of your life and will help you plan better.


What do you want out of a career? Are you only looking for a six-figure salary? Would you be adaptable to the work environment? How will you be able to balance your personal and professional lives? All these questions, and many more, need some serious consideration on your part. You may not get a very high paying job but perhaps it is more satisfying to you. To me, personally, inner satisfaction matters the most. But not everyone would consider it enough to give up a high paying job. There is a reason why people say to follow your heart and do what you love.

But of course people also want to a good salary. After all, everything is becoming more and more expensive. How will you be able to support your family and future? It is extremely important to answer all these questions if you want to plan your life seriously.



When everything has been said and done, the final option is to go for it. You know your strengths, weaknesses, you know what you love to do, and you have a plan for the future. What else do you need? By now, you should have a clear idea of what you want to become. Be it an artist, or an engineer, a singer, a dance, a teacher whatever. The final step is to go out and become one.

As easy as it sounds, things don’t always go your way. Maybe your job is given to someone else. Perhaps you are fired from your dream job. I know I would seem clichéd when I say this but don’t let this get to you. You can bottle up your frustration and waste your time moping about your losses, or you can turn it into a positive tide for you. If there was any lacking on your part, make sure you avoid it in the future. Or if the circumstances were simply not good enough, you can learn from it. Put it down as your experience. Whatever you do, always look for a positive outlook.


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