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Tricks to Manage Your Time at Work Place


Your work place can seem like hell if you are too overburdened. Too often than not, it is because of poor time management skills. And it is a very common occurrence that happens everywhere in the world. it is hard to balance your personal and professional life isn’t it? Especially when you are about to attend a meeting but your friend calls you and wants to hang out.

Actually, it is not hard. It just takes a little bit of dedication from your part and that’s it. Here are a few quick tips on how to effectively manage your time while at work place.


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  1. Shut your door:
    If people keep dropping in on you, just shut your door. Don’t be shy about shutting your door to discourage interruptions. Of course, you don’t want to lock people out all day long, but this is a particularly useful technique when you really need to concentrate for just an hour or two.
  2. Limit your technology:
    You may perhaps believe that you’re being efficient by responding to a text or email but in reality, the reverse is true. Switch your calls to voice mail and turn off your email notifications. Check your messages once in the morning, once after lunch, and once more before you leave the office. You’ll be able to respond to important issues as they come up, and still have time to get some actual work done
  3. Clear your desk/office:
    Some people have a hard time staying focused because the piles and stacks distract them from the task at hand. Not to mention that the very sight of those piles increase your anxiety. Clear the clutter from your desk and other visible surfaces, then only have out what you are currently working on. That way, your eye (and your attention) won’t be drawn away as easily.
  4. Ask THE question:
    It is always the question of payoff. Are you actually busy or are you just wasting your time on mundane stuff? Ask yourself if this is the best possible use of your time at this minute or not. If not, then you know that you can utilize your time on something different and more important.
  5. Organize paper to-dos:
    Here is a useful technique to help you manage your time. Rather than simply piling all of your paperwork into a single box, consider setting up a series of action files in a rack or box on your desk with one for each type of to-do. You can keep different folders for “to file,” “to read”, “to contact” or whatever makes sense for your job. When you receive a new stack of paper, take a second to sort it into the appropriate files, according to the next step you need to take with each item.
  6. Scheduling your tasks:
    Many people are great in creating to-do lists. But here comes the problem. Not all of them are good at following those lists or adhering to it. If you feel like you are one of them, try actually scheduling each to-do on your calendar. If you do dedicate a certain amount of time on a specific day to each task on your list, you will see the results yourself.
  7. Be done with the trivial stuff:
    Tasks like bookmarking a website, filing a business card, entering an important contact in your phone are annoying. They just keep nagging you in the back of your mind and distracting you from your more important work. When a to-do crosses your desk, check the time in how much time it can be completed. Just go ahead, do it, and get it over with — just one less thing to have to worry about late.
  8. End well:
    Once it is time to go home, go home. Unless if there is a genuine emergency, go home at a set time. whatever tasks are left can be done on the next day. Plan the upcoming day when you are about to leave. But once you are home, stop worrying about work. There is no need to worry about it because frankly enough, you can’t do anything about it. When you are at home, be at home fully.

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