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It is said that good companies need the right people for the right roles. And it is completely true. However one of the often underappreciated aspect of a job is the workplace itself. The whole work environment affects your performance and your own workplace reflects the mindset in which you are in.

If you feel depressed just by thinking of your office or cubicle, have you wondered why it is so? Speaking about the workplace only, have you tried to set it up according to what you want or have you just let it be as it was before. Or worse, have you made it worse? These questions may seem insignificant on the outside but trust me, they are highly important.

If you haven’t optimized your workplace to your needs, you should start doing so. Below are few tips for helping you create your own ideal workplace.


  1. Silence or Noise:
    Many people prefer to work in silence. They enjoy the calm and serenity and they feel they are able to focus better on the task at hand due to the lack of distractions. However some prefer to have a little background noise. They feel active and in the moment and regard working in silence as boring. The choice is yours depending on your personality. If you are unable to find the quiet environment in a busy area, try plugging your headphones in. If you want a little noise, try listening to music with your headphones.
  2. Personalizing your space:
    If you feel disconnected from your work, try putting some familiar objects around you. Often people put a family portrait on their desks or shelves. You can perhaps change your screensaver to a picture of a family trip or of your pet. These things would help you get comfortable in your workplace.
  3. Get rid of clutter:Keep it simple and neat. Get rid of everything that is unnecessary. We all have that one particular room or corner of the house where everything gets dumped. Don’t make that mistake in your office. Having too many items on your desk or desktop can distract you from being productive. Plus it makes finding things a lot harder.
    If you are working on-the-go, take a “go-bag” which would contain all the essential items which are always needed, like chargers, identification, devices, documents and other stuff. Just avoid creating a messy environment.
  1. Plants, open windows, air fresheners:
    Many studies have been done to show that there is a distinct relation between scents and memories. So why not apply that theory in your workplace too? If you have a positive reaction to a certain scent, why not apply it? Use air fresheners to keep your environment fresh and clean. You can install some potted plants too to keep it bright. A bouquet of flowers can sweeten up your workplace and make it more aesthetically appealing.
  2. Lighting/brightness:
    If your workplace has fluorescent lights only, it is possible that it would be stuffy and you would feel trapped. It is proved through various studies that natural lighting has a positive effect on our health and mood. We all love that feeling of getting the warmth of natural sunlight on our skin. An open window can allow for a light and cool breeze which can be refreshing.
    If you work in a place where you don’t have access to a window, placing a simple lamp can help you give warmth to your work environment.
  1. Overexposure to screens:
    Screen-time can be a huge part of our work lives and day to day activities. Not only can you adjust the brightness of your screen, you can also alter the font size, style, color, and contrast to keep you from squinting and straining your eyes. Many eye doctors prescribe the “20-20-20” rule which is
  • Look away from your computer at least every 20 minutes
  • Gaze at a distant object (at least 20 feet away)
  • Look at it for at least 20 seconds
  1. Neck pain and back strain:
    An important one this is. It is vital that you work in a position that makes you comfortable and allows you to maintain a good posture. A standing desk can prevent you from tightening up and slouching all day but of course, standing for long periods of time will not be good for anyone. Similarly sitting for a long period of time has adverse effects too. Simply put, having a comfortable chair and high enough desk will do wonders. Holding up your device at the eye level also goes a long way.
  2. Water and snacks:
    Try keeping a water bottle readily available at your desk. Drinking 6-8 cups of water can be hard to keep track of and may often prove to be distracting. Staying hydrated not only keeps you refreshed but it is also crucial for your health, productivity and it increases your memory. Similarly keep some snacks around too. A hungry mind is not a focused mind.

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